Friday, February 1, 2013

Hello again from Antarctica

Not much writing this time...I will let the pictures speak...
As always, click on the image to see a bigger image.

Our first stop on this journey was Deception Island. An South Shetland Island with lots of history.

Deception Island is an almost ring like island with a small opening called Neptun Bellow, which we are approaching here.

Once inside you are actually sailing on an still active volcano, strange feeling...The last eruption was 1970...The mix between glacier and lava is fascinating.

The next morning we cruised Wilhelmina Bay, one of my favorite spots! Such a serene and peaceful place.

 We even encountered Humpback and Minke Whales.

In the afternoon we explored Cuverville Island, home to the largest Gentoo penguin breeding colony with about 4500 breeding pairs.

Danco Island and Neko Harbour were next on the program. Danco offers great views into the Errera Channel 

and the Gentoo penguins are nesting quite high up. By walking or rather waddling up and down the slopes they are forming these “penguin highways”.

View from Neko Harbour

The following day brought us to Paradise, home of Base Brown, an Argentinian station.

Hmmm, no Canadian city…..

The views from the top are absolutely stunning.

Then we visited Port Lockroy with the only operating post office in Antarctica 

and Jougla Point with a rather grim history…

The last day on the peninsula started early with sweeping views of the Lemaire Channel 

and a visit to another favourite place of mine the Pleneau Bay with it’s beautiful icebergs.

The last and most southern landing was on Petermann Island where we met the Adelie penguins…

…and nesting blue-eyed Shag, here with three chicks almost as big if not bigger than the adults.

After a rather rough ride through the Drake Passage, we are now back in Ushuaia and are getting ready for the next trip.

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