Sunday, May 29, 2016


Please welcome our new puppy: Leica!

All of you in Germany, I can see your smile...what a fitting name for a photographers dog, right...;-)
We were thinking about another dog for quite a while, but the right one had not crossed our path, until two weeks ago.
I spontaneously fell in love with her and the rest of the family followed suit. We adopted her from the SPCA and did not regret it for a moment.

After a quick bout of jealousy Lexie has accepted her fully and the two of them spend a good part of the day playing together. Skipper loves her, but sometimes she is just a bit too much for him.

Here Leica wanted to drink out of the creek but slipped accidentally in the creek. As you can see at the splashing water, Lexie did not hesitate a second to come to the rescue....

Leica learned already to sit still for photos, well mostly that is...

No fancy dog breed description this time, since we really don't know what's in the mix.

We looking forward to watching her grow up and are curious how she will turn out.

Of course I will keep you posted, as she is so cute and photogenic ;-)

If the grass is taller than you


Thank you to my trusty assistant, Mika, who not only can read my photographic mind, but also took on the hardship of working with a puppy!