Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Greetings from Antarctica

Amazing Antarctica has me back!
This time as the photography guide on an expedition cruise. But no matter if working or on vacation, Antarctica casts its spell on everybody. The pristine landscape with its abundant wildlife is out of this world  and hard to describe, one has to experience it.

We are just back from the first journey and will be on our way to the next one in just a few hours.

Internet time on shore is precious, hence only a few images from this first voyage with the promise of more to come…

The icebergs from the "iceberg graveyard" around Pleneau Island. Icebergs are blown into the shallow waters between the islands by a strong west wind and get grounded there...

A little Gentoo Chick

A pod of Orcas pursuing a seal near Paradise Harbour

View from Neko

View from Paradise Harbour down to parts of the Argentine Amiralte Brown Station

And more icebergs....

Humpback Whale swimming by...

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