Wednesday, February 27, 2013

News from the South

In a few minutes I will be off to my 6th and last voyage down to the Antarctic Peninsula. Although it has been a wonderful experience to travel Antarctica so extensively, I think I will be ready to head home after this last journey.
Needless to say that I accumulated lots of images. In a surrounding like that my shutter finger is constantly itching…;-) The difficulty now lies in sorting through all of them and putting them together....

Since I’m a bit short on time while still traveling, I put together my favorite shots from the last voyage for you and promise to follow up with more stories and photos once I am home.

On our way through the Drake Passage we had high winds and waves, which was unfortunate for a lot of our passengers but perfect flying conditions for the Albatross. These impressive birds with their almost 3 m wingspan flew so close to the ship that I almost could have touched them.

At the Peninsula itself the weather was still windy but also sunny for a change. Perfect condition to finally catch some Antarctic sunsets and moon rises…

Sunset from Deck 7

Rise of the Full Moon

Main way of transportation down here...the trusty Zodiac

Evening light on Paradise Harbour

Curious Gentoo chick

Which way to go?

Just as I was hoping to cruise through the Lemaire Channel in sunshine for once, the fog started to roll in.

Fog in layers on Petermann Island...

And then completely fogged in...but nevertheless, the icebergs of Pleneau Bay are always gorgeous

A playing leopard seal under water

As promised, to come when I am back home...

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