Monday, December 31, 2012

The Winter Challenge – First Impressions

As we are making our home in the beautiful Canadian Rocky mountains, here some first impressions.

What a change from the always rushing Bay Area to the serene nature of the Rockies, not to speak of daily temperatures.
When we were shivering at 18 degrees Celsius in California, we are now adjusting to minus 18 degrees Celsius...;-)

We are enjoying the Canadian way of living, and I watched my first Ice Hockey game live,

... there is always enough ice, if not cubed, for our drinks.

The landscape is stunning, the snow light and powdery, the temperatures prepare me for Antarctica and the light, especially the sunrises and sunsets are a photographers dream.

We tend to get noticed when driving around town, I guess we are not driving the right kind of car....yet

The dogs love the snow, I might have to put high marker flags on the dachshunds though,  if it keeps snowing ;-)


Here to new adventures and Happy New Year!

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