Tuesday, December 11, 2012

December Conservation Tip

Tis' is the season where we frantically try to find the right presents for family, friends, coworkers and so on. Sometimes you just know the right gift, but more often you have no idea where to start.
Before you by the nth tie for your father in law, here an idea:

How about a gift adoption of his favorite wild animal? Lots of species out there need help and with a gift adoption you are not only giving a meaningful gift to the recipient but also to the animal you choose.

Here are a few organisations I have used in the past, many of them even offer accompanying plush animals, which makes it also a great gift for the young or young at heart:

World Wildlife Fund

Defenders of Wildlife

Polar Bears International


Looking for something for the more the humanitarian type and not so much an animal lover?
No problem either;

Give a goat, pig, chickens or even a donkey to families in need.

Heifer International has a great program with something for every budget.

Best of all, no crowded malls involved...;-)

In this spirit:


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