Monday, October 1, 2012

October Conservation Tip


October Unprocessed 2012

 Today starts "October Unprocessed", a clever initiative thought out by Andrew Wilder, author of the "Eating Rules" blog.

What does it mean?

Well, the purpose in general is to eat less processed food. To raise awareness how much processed food we are eating, Andrew came up with the idea to try for one month to not eat any processed food.
That was 2009...
A year later, in October 2010 he tried again, this time trying to get more people to join him by taking the pledge: October Unprocessed. 415 joined him.
In October 2011 over 3000, including my humble self, took the pledge!
As of right now, for this October 4600 and counting have taken the pledge.

Interested? Let's make it 5000...

Just click on the October Unprocessed badge at the top right of my blog and it will take you right to the "pledge page".
If a whole month is too much, just pledge for a week or maybe 10 days...and even if you don't pull it through completely, it will change your awareness of what you are eating.
Check out the October Unprocessed-Eating Rules blog and download the official Guide here.
You also can follow on facebook for daily updates, tips and recipes.

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