Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Favorite Places....

There are some places that just draw me back to them over and over again. Yosemite National Park is one of them as well as the Marin Headlands. Inspired by a photo from a fellow photographer I wanted to try out a place I had not yet been, Slacker Hill and surroundings. It's always a hit and miss with this area fog wise, but that particular morning the weather gods were with us:

To be up there before sunrise we hiked up the short but steep hill in complete darkness.
Our efforts got rewarded by spectacular views from Angel Island to the Pacific Ocean.

The sun came up amazingly fast immersing the Golden Gate into a golden morning light

Drunken with morning light we moved on to check out Hawk Hill

To get to the top of Hawk Hill one needs to go through a short tunnel, I guess a left over bunker access. And to our surprise we found some modern day cave paintings..;-)

The view was equally stunning, but probably more for a sunset shot, since the sun was already way too bright.

On our way home we quickly stopped by Baker Beach, always a great spot to see the Golden Gate Bridge.

A few days later the promise of the rising full moon drew us back to Hawk Hill

The fog though had a different idea.... instead of a rising moon we watched the fog rolling in.

We were not the only ones hoping for a break,

but eventually we gave in to mother nature.
Although completely different from what I expected, I nevertheless enjoyed being out there and being able to capture a spectacle of a different kind.

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