Saturday, September 29, 2012

Painting with Fire

For this last Friday I had signed up for another workshop organized by the Star Circle Academy. This time it was not about the moon but about "Painting with Fire". I got seriously burned the Monday before by a faulty fire place, so for a moment I was not quite sure if I was ready to come so close to fire again. But of course curiosity prevailed...and did not kill the cat...;-)

We met around sunset and got rewarded by one of the most beautiful sunsets I have seen in a while!

 And my worries vanished by the time Andy and Eric, our instructors, went over the safety rules the third or fourth time. I realized I was safe and with experienced "fire painters".


No sooner as the last light was fading the fun begun.

Although Eric and Andy explained very thoroughly how everything is done, so that we would be able to do this by ourselves, I would rather remark it with a :"Don't try that at home."

We tried different intensities,


and compositions.

And of course goofed around a little bit...

and even managed to set all our cameras on self-timer to get a group shot. Which was not an easy undertaking, to say the least...;-)

But we did not only play with fire, Andy and Eric also brought a wide assortment of fun lights to play with.

Here one of my favorites of the evening. Doesn't that look out of this worldish?

The evening went by in a blast, all of a sudden we realized it's already way past the proposed ending time. We had a brilliant Grand Finale, with all of us sitting safely under a "flying spark umbrella".

In short, it was:

A big Thank You to Eric and Andy for showing us all your tips and tricks and also a big Thank You to Steven for putting this all together. It was for sure not my last outing with the Star Circle Academy!

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