Thursday, November 29, 2012

November Conservation Tip

Dine with your farmer

At the beginning of this month we took "Know you Farmer" a step further and had dinner with our (chicken) farmer.
Around mid October an invitation from Tunitas Creek Kitchen for a farm dinner landed in my inbox. Knowing Suzie and Jay, as well as Christine and Bill from the Potrero Nuevo Farm, and enjoying their great eggs since quite a while, we knew this had to be good and so we signed up for it right away!
Potrero Nuevo Farm is so much more than just a farm. Starting out as a CSA farm they now have a U-Pick club, are the home of Tunitas Creek Organic Eggs and Tunitas Creek Kitchen, offer farm tours and pickling workshops AND most importantly donate the majority of their crops to the low income community on the coast.

The day of the farm dinner couldn't have been a nicer day. It was one of the rare sunny and warm late fall days we live on the coast for.

Upon arrival we got greeted warmly by Suzie and Jay and were invited to try their farm made pickles.

A lovingly decked out dining table...

...and a promising menu added to the excitement.

After tasting the mentioned pickles, which were delicious to say the least,

we got called in for a beer tasting, hosted by the Cypress Brewing Company.
Which to my surprise was Cunha Intermediate schools' favorite tennis coach, Bryan!

And Bryan made the impossible possible, he brewed the very first beer my husband liked!!!

While we were listing to the secrets of beer brewing, Chef Amy and Bill were preparing the yummy flammekueche.

Now after our first hunger and thirst was taken care of, Suzie invited us to meet their very special girls club.....

...a short walk in the mild evening air led us past the fields and right to them.

Quite surprised about all the attention the girls observed the funny featherless chicken and but seemed otherwise undazzled by our presence.

After this, it was time to sit down and enjoy a real harvest dinner...yummy!

The evening ended with, yes of course dessert, and a movie about the challenges young farmer in America meet and overcome.

Encouraging and promising!!

Thank you Suzie and Jay, Amy, Bryan and Lea and of course Christine and Bill for this wonderful evening.

Potrereo Nuevo Farm

Tunitas Creek Kitchen

Tunitas Creek Organic Eggs

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