Sunday, July 26, 2015

Meet Sugar Bear

...the little Dogo Argentino girl.
And also the first Dogo I have ever met as a puppy.

The breed, although originally bred from a fighting dog, is not what you expect from it's look. Aggressive traits have been purposely bred out and the Dogo Argentino can be excellent with kids and other pets, as long as it is socialized properly from early on.(1)

The Dogo Argentino is described as : "powerful, yet possessed of an almost feline grace, the Dogo Argentino is fearless yet sensitive; vivacious outdoors yet calm indoors."(2)

Although Dogos were originally bred as big game hunters, they are being trained as search and rescue dogs, police dogs, service and military dogs.

But whatever the breed description, this girl was just cute and cuddly!

With lots of energy...

...and adoration for her human mom.

We tried some props...but can you tell from her facial expresion what she thought about that?

She was definitively happier out and about,

I'm looking forward to watch her growing up, should be a lot of fun!

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(2) Dogo Argentino Dog Breed Review

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