Thursday, July 30, 2015


Some of you have met our new feline family member already on facebook.
But since he is so cute, I thought a blog is in order.
To get most out of the images please feel free to click on them for an enlarged view.

Meet Mate who took our hearts by storm

The first time I tried to photograph him, he would jump every time I pressed the shutter....a camera shy kitten? But repeated "exposure" made a pro model out of him.

Always curious, always exploring...

 In order to emphasize his blue eyes, I experimented in the post processing. Rather then to intensify the blue of his eyes, I actually desaturated everything but the eyes (or the mouse).

The "studio" shots...

This ball of wool tried to escape,

 ...but no chance, he got it ;-)

 Cat in a basket

 Mate in the jungle

Here Mate gets inspected by Zippo. You can still see where Zippo 
got shaved for his emergency surgery

Well, modelling is an exhausting job...

...time for a nap

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