Friday, December 13, 2013

December Conservation Tip

Here we are again, searching for meaningful gifts for family and friends.
At the same time many of us are de-cluttering and favor the "less is more" movement, so another tie or book is just not going to do the trick...

How about a Gift Donation then? There are always the well known organizations, that come with nice certificates and even small plush toys, like:

World Wildlife Fund

Defenders of Wildlife

Polar Bear International


This year I also looked out for some smaller, more individual organizations, that need your support and are just a bit more specific:

Want to protect the oceans?

There is no better way than support the Sea Sheperd Conservation Society!!

How about this for the horse lover:

Support the American Mustang Movie!
Great gadgets with your pledge!!
More here:

Having a heart for elephants?

Foster an orphaned elephant with the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust , the perfect gift for any elephant friend and a great help for these gentle giants!

Want to stay closer to home and do something for the farm animals ?
An organization that I personally really admire since they are taking in the beaten and sick, no matter what, is the Gentle Barn. You can adopt a farm animal, bid to name one of the rescued ones or support them by getting one of their Christmas ornaments.

Another farm animal related group that needs support might be especially interesting for my German friends: Kuhrettung

Watch the movie, it will make you smile!

Not into animals? How about helping to fund some cancer research?
Zach Sobiech, a teenage boy with a rare form of cancer, a osteosarcoma, wrote the song, "clouds" last year about him dealing with his imminent death. He debuted it last December. He died in May 2013.
This December a choir of about 5000 people sang his song....

You can buy the song on iTunes and 100% of all net proceeds benefit Zach's Osteoscarcoma Research Fund. Or you can directly donate to the Childrens Cancer Research Fund.

You have already the perfect gift? All you have to do is to wrap it?
Consider wrapping it in reused paper. Regarding to "Give a shit about Nature":
If every American family wrapped just three presents this holiday season in reused materials, it would save enough paper to cover 45,000 football fields.
Now, that's a lot of paper!

There are certainly many more good causes out there that need support and would make a nice gift. I will keep my eyes open and will post more ideas on my facebook site.

In this spirit


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