Monday, December 9, 2013


Well, the temperature was dropping fast over the last couple of days and every time I thought it can't possibly get any colder, it did exactly that....
This morning we woke up to a record so far of -32ºC/-24ºF, and that was at 9 am, I don't want to know how cold it was during the night....

Surprisingly the chickens are doing ok, they do not like the snow, but I put a lot of straw down for them to walk on and also insulated their coop and parts of the run with straw. They seem to be content and my one adult hen is still laying.

Lexie, the outdoor master, is doing great! I had her inside though for parts of the day, but then she got really bored and wanted to go out.

Fin and Mr. B have some frost mascara and enjoy the extra hay and grain I am feeding to keep them warm.

And as the saying goes, there is no bad weather just bad clothing, right?
That's how Ex-Californians dress up to withstand the Canadian winter...;-)

Some typical tools at the farm, like a wheelbarrow for example, are utterly useless in deep snow, so we just switched to the "winter" wheel barrow...

Feeding evolved to sledding down to the pasture while sitting on the hay, it's way faster and more fun than pushing the wheel barrow, I will miss that come spring.

Although even calls these temperatures "bitterly cold", it is sunny and just gorgeous

And since it's too cold for lots of outdoor chores there is more time to bake cookies,

or watch the colorful sunsets!!

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