Friday, October 8, 2010

In Memoriam

This last Sunday a dead pregnant blue whale beached at Bean Hollow State Park, a beach just about 20 minutes south of Half Moon Bay.
A very sad incident and only after lot of soul-searching did I decide to put it on my blog.

The examining scientists believe that she died after colliding with an unidentified large ship. They found at least three broken vertebrae and bruises on her belly.
In the last couple of years two to three blue whales died each year on the California coast due to collisions.
That is especially tragic, since blue whales are endangered after being hunted almost to extinction and now are just on the verge of coming back. The blue whale was probably on her way to the Sea of Cortez to give birth.

This particular collision though killed two blue whales, the female and her male baby...
The fetus likely got discharged post mortem due to the gas build up inside the female whale.

her eyes are closed now

baby whale

It was a grim outing, to say the least. Some of the onlookers were as equally sad and upset by the devastation in font of us as I was. Many though, seemed to see this as a variation of an amusement park attraction, which left me really disturbed and...speechless.

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