Monday, September 27, 2010

Behind the scenes

I love dogs and I love to photograph dogs!

This last week I had a photo shoot with an adorable Labrador Retriever litter of 10 puppies. So instead of just posting the resulting images, I thought I give you a peek "behind the scenes".

You always thought it is easy, puppies are so cute, nothing can possibly go wrong? All you need is a camera and some puppies?

Well....there are some rules:

Rule # 1: Don't fall in love with your models, there are only so many dogs your spouse will tolerate, now that is really the hardest part for me, but I manage.

Rule # 2: You need a lot of helpers

Rule # 3: That doesn't always help

Rule # 4: Make sure your model doesn't look away from the camera

Rule # 5: Try to keep your models within the frame

Rule # 6: It doesn't speak for you, if your model falls asleep

Rule # 7: Props are nice, so make sure they don't get eaten

Rule # 8: There are many more "rules", but I really don't want to bore you.

In addition to that you of course need the perfect light and a LOTS of patience.

But the results are worth it:

Now then, Happy Fall!

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  1. outstanding ! and adorable! thanks for sharing these :)