Wednesday, October 14, 2015

October Conservation Tip

Keep Jumbo Wild!

Twenty-four years ago, in the middle of a big ski resort boom, a Vancouver architect was looking for the best place on earth to build a new ski resort. He was looking for the perfect location, with the perfect amount of snow fall, perfect views, perfect weather.
He found the perfect dream destination, he found the Jumbo Valley.
The valley though was not his to take, Ktnuaxa people lived there since over 400 generations and it is part of an important international wildlife corridor, one of only two areas in North America where grizzly bears can freely roam between Canada and the U.S.
A huge commerce vs. conservation fight erupted and is going on now for the last 24 years....

Last fall the environmental permit expired, the Jumbo Glacier Resort company had failed to complete the necessary steps to fulfill the permits' requests and the already laid foundations were in a know avalanche zone. Hence the permit was declared expired.

A step closer to the permanent protection of Jumbo Valley, but not a victory yet.
The resort company hopes to renew the permit with a downsized plan.

Patagonia and Sweetgrass Productions made an amazing movie about the topic. The filmmaker and producer don't take sides, they let the people and the landscape speak and lead you to your on conclusion. We watched this movie last week and I was blown away, half crying, half in awe.

The film is now touring Canada and the US. Europe and more will follow.
If you have the chance, please go and watch it, you will not regret it.

Here a short trailer:

To see where the movie is screening next check out Patagonias Jumbo Wild web page and scroll down to the Jumbo Wild tour dates or Patagonias KeepItWild page. Also check out the Jumbo Wild facebook page for updates. I just saw that there is a screening planned on November 17th in Invermere, which is not on  either of the above screening lists.

To say YES to Jumbo WILD and NO to the Jumbo Glacier Resort, sign the Jumbo Wild petition, every vote counts.

Like the bear logo? Patagonia sells T-shirts with this logo, so that you can show your support and $ 5 of each sold T-shirt go to Wildsight, to support them to win the fight.

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