Sunday, June 29, 2014

Kootenay Flower Power

It is simply amazing how the flora around me explodes in spring and early if all the plants were locked into a small box and then all of the sudden are being released.

The first show of color in spring goes to the Pulsatilla

quickly followed by the Shooting Star

and by the time Arrowleaf Balsamroot colors the hillsides, spring is here to stay.

The following images have all bee taken within the last three weeks, I tell you fair and square, pun intended, that I still haven't managed to learn all my wildflowers. Should I misname a flower here, or if you know the name of one of my "unknown flower" please feel free to leave a comment or catch me on facebook.


 Three-Spot Mariposa Lily

Little gem, unknown flower #1

Not quite sure on this one, Butter-and-Eggs?

Yellow Salsify...

 ...with it's enormous seed pod

beautiful unknown flower #2

Wild Rose

Pretty in purple, Penstemon?...unknown flower #3

American Vetch



Boisduval Blue
Not really a wildflower...
Just matched the color scheme so well

And last but not least, 
Blue Flax in all it's beauty

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