Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Lexie Update

Many of you have asked about Lexie, how is she doing, how much did she grow...?
Here are some answers.....

How much did she grow? This is an image taken shortly after we got her,

and this one is from today. And I think she still has some growing to do....

She definitively is just that, a good dog!

She loves to go on walks and

enjoys long hikes.

She is a patient photographers companion, a hard to find trait...;-)

When we go for a trail ride, no pace is to fast...

I love to watch her exploring new things, here she looked at her first snow and you could really "see" her thinking "what happened here???"

Her usual watering hole, frozen...she just couldn't believe it, scratched the ice, bit the ice and finally looked quizzically at me...hard not to laugh.

What is under this cold, white stuff??

In short, she is a wonderful dog, all day outside, guarding the chickens and the horses. Never leaves the property, fearless and brave; and absolutely cold hardy, lying  on the frozen ground right know, happily chewing on some trophy find.
She is very independent and since I have started her basic training we had quite a few battles of wits. But once she understands she is a quick learner.
I am so happy I found her!

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