Sunday, June 23, 2013

June Conservation Tip

Time to make use of natures' all inclusive, 
emission free solar dryer!

Seven reasons to give your dryer a summer break, too:

1. It saves money.
Dryers use a lot of energy!
Just look at this graph, published by the US Department of Energy (1):

...and that is just the money used for the energy to run the dryer, if the dryer runs less, it will last longer, so you save some money here, too

2. No carbon emission.
Not using a dryer can save between 300 and 1200 kg/CO2 a year, depending how often the dryer is used and what kind of dryer is used. (2/3)

3. No extra heat source in summer.
Running a dryer can rise inside temperatures significantly, no need for that on a hot summer day.

4. No static cling.
Depending where you live this can be a real hassle. And regarding to Care2 dryer sheets are not really a solution: .

5. Clothes will last longer.
Lint, the fuzzy stuff you have to remove from the dryers lint filter every time the dryer is used, consists of fibers from the dried your favorite T-shirt looses fibers every time it's in the dryer...

6. Clothes won't shrink.
Especially cotton tends to get up to a size smaller in the dryer. Good for that over sized sweater, not so good for the already a bit too tight jeans...

7. Best of all, clothes will smell good!
Nothing better than to snuggle into sun dried sheets....

If you absolutely have to use your dryer, consider using dryer balls (more about dryer balls and how you can make your own: May Conservation Tip 2010)

Did you know: The lint from the dryers filter is compostable.

Enjoy your summer!


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