Thursday, April 18, 2013

April Conservation Tip

Earth Day is coming up

On April 22nd almost 200 countries on earth will celebrate Earth Day.
It seems really important in a time when we need to worry about climate change, food sustainability/safety and environmental pollution, to pay homage to "Mother Earth". To remind ourselves that we shouldn't destroy the hand that is feeding us...

 Although the matter is pressing more than ever before, Earth Day was first celebrated in 1969. 
John McConnell introduced the idea of an international celebrated day called "Earth Day" at the 1969 UNESCO Conference on the Environment in San Francisco.

Since April 22nd falls on a Monday this year, many celebrate the day this coming weekend.
Even in our small, compared to San Francisco, community, a lot is going on:

If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area you will be even more spoilt for choice...;-)
Check out the CalRecycle website for tips

If you want to go global, join the Earth Day Network

Not up for going places? Start planning a garden, or, depending on your climate zone, even start planting .....

However you plan to celebrate, have a


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