Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Catching the Wave

As I mentioned in the blog post before, one day after the window for the (in)famous Mavericks Contest closed, we had some amazing waves! Although I was not able to be on a boat, I still wanted to go out and at least catch a few waves with my camera.

They didn't seem to be extremely high, but they came in with a mighty force, like a water avalanche...

It was very windy to start with and I did not see many surfers out there. I believe there was still the filming for "Of Men and Mavericks" going on, so that might have been the reason for the other surfers not to be out yet. As I left the cliffs though, I saw some surfers heading towards the water.

At home I tried to find out how high the waves actually were, and I found numbers ranging from 24 to 32 ft, so I'm calling it 29 ft Sunday!

It just leaves  me in awe, how someone can be brave enough to challenge this force...

Here a short movie, where you also can hear how windy it was. If you watch the movie on you tube (just click on the little you tube icon) in full screen mode, you will see a little streak coming in from the left. Just as a comparison how big the waves are, this is a person on a jet ski...

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