Sunday, February 19, 2012

February Conservation Tip

Join a CSA

You already going to the farmers market, but you really would like to do more?
Join a local CSA.
The sign ups for the 2012 growing season are starting now and filling up fast with a growing demand for local food.

What exactly is a CSA?

Community Supported Agriculture is not really new, but is getting more and more popular in recent years. The idea is easy: the farmer sells "shares" of  the produce he will produce during the growing season, mostly fruit and vegetables, often also eggs, honey and maybe even meat. This gives the farmer the advantage of marketing his crop before the season really starts and having a much better idea of how much to plant. The "share holder" therefore will get fresh, local and mostly organic produce on a weekly basis. Also farmer and consumer get to know each other, often CSA farms offer open houses or you can/have to pick up the produce at the farm. A great opportunity especially for kids to learn where the produce does come from and how it grows.

Another plus, as I see it, is that you get a feeling for what is in season and when. In a time where you can by strawberries and tomatoes year round, it gives you a pointer back to eating with the seasons. And chances are, you discover new fruits and vegetables to be simply delicious that you have never tried before.

Check out the  LOCAL HARVEST  website for more info and to find a CSA near you.

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