Monday, March 29, 2010

San Francisco in the dark at Earth Hour ?

...well, not really.
Curious, how much of the San Francisco Skyline would go dark, I went up to Treasure Island. It was, needless to say, freezing cold and windy. About 10 minutes before 8.30 pm, I took a panorama of the skyline, and a closer view of the Bay Bridge. Then 8.30 pm came, and nothing happened. Then 8.35 pm, still nothing. I was about to give up as finally at 8.40 the lights of the suspension of the Bay Bridge turned off, one triangle at a time. Standing on Treasure Island, it didn't look like San Francisco was much observing Earth Hour, but back at home, as I stitched the panoramas together, and compared the before and during Earth Hour panoramas, the difference was quite significant. Unfortunately, the panoramas are to big to show here in the blog, but I think the Bay Bridge images give you an idea.

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